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PO Box 516, Riceboro, GA

1st District, Department of Georgia, TAL

Department of Georgia Officers

2019 - 2021


(NOTE: I just listed their e-mail or a contact Number).


(This means, 1st Contact your Post Officers, then your District JC, who is assigned to your Post, District Sv, Dist Cmdr, and then Higher. But give the Chain of Command a chance to work. If I do not know the answer, I will direct you to the right person).

Commander: Eddie Asberry;

National Executive Chairperson: Charles Wessinger;

Alternate National Executive Chairperson: Phil Youngblood;

Senior Vice Commander: Mark Shreve:

Junior Vice Commander: Jessie Campbell;;  Assisgned Districts - 9/10

Junior Vice Commander: James Flutz;  Assigned Districts - 4/5/7

Junior Vice Commander: John Griffin;  Assigned Districts - 1/8/12

Junior Vice Commander: Pat Liddell;  Assigned Districts: 2/6

Junior Vice Commander: Melvin Weaver;  Assigned Districts - 3/11

Treasurer: Robert "Pete" Woodruff; 


ADJUTANT: Zeste C. Debro;

Judge Advocate: Bill Simmons;

Past Department Commander (last 3 years)

         2018-2019: Stanley Franklin;

         2017-2018: John A Pizzo;

         2016-2017: Carman Strait-Smith;

Chaplain: Michael Schwartz;

Finance Officer: Robert A. Pollard; bpollard194@nu-znet

Historian: Tommy Hatton;

VA/REHAB: Phil Youngblood;

Service Officer: Mark Demers;

Assistant Service officers:

      Ed Kent;

      Belinda; Boldoe;

Public relations/Communications: Linda Hendrick;

Video: Roger Decker;

SAL Commander: Cliff hall;

ALR Director: Robertt Hammond;

Sergeant At Arms: James Whelan:

Assistant Sergenat At Arms:

      Lewis Kent;

      Paul Waalker;

      Larry Deal;

      Mary E. Kruger;

      Mary Lepley;


(Chairpersons only)

Alcohol & Drug: Peggy Payton; 770-458-4077

American Legion Female Acess: Vickie Smith-Dukes;

Blood Donor: Lee Oliver;

Boy Scouts: Ray Wilcocks;

Boys State: Dale Barnett;

Children & Youth: Hazel Taylor; 707-536-3387

Compliance Team: Stanley Franklin;

Convention Sites: Commander Asberry

Georgia Legion College: SV Commander Mark Shreve

Georgia Legion College Dean: JV James Flutz

Emloyment: Sam Perry;

History Roon: Tommy Hatton;

Medical research: SV Commander Mark Shreve

Membership & New Posts: SV Commander Mark Shreve

Direct Mail System: JV Commanders Flutz & Weaver

National & Homeland Secutity: A/S@A's: Larry Diehl

National Emergency Fund: raymond Jacobs;

Oratorical Contest: Arnie Geiger;

POW/MIA: Thomas Cannor;

Regilious Emphasis: Dept Chaplain Schwartz

School Awards & Scholarships: PDC Carman Strait-Smith

Shooting Sports: Richard Wyckstand; 404-434-8511

SAL; Georga Lo greco; 706-259-9972

V.A.V.S. Hospital Representatives: Michael J. Gallucci;

Youth Cadet Law Enforcement: Dewey Moss;

All needed contact information for The department of GA, can be found on or web sites.




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