1st District, Department of Georgia, TAL


American Legion, Department of Georgia,

1st District General Membership Meeting May 1, 2021

(00.00) Recording reference time Page | 1 Minutes of 1st District General Membership Meeting held May 1, 2021 hosted by American Legion Post 154, 10 Veterans Drive, Tybee Island, GA 31328:

social distancing in-force.

Commander Dennis Fitzgerald  Opened the meeting with appropriate ceremony at 10:30 PM. 

Commander Vollmer, host, thanked District for coming and for this event. 

Introduce past District Commander - John Seward 

1st District SAL leads TAL in membership. Recognize all SAL members in attendance. Great job. Congratulation. 

100% membership recognition. o 1st District has 5 Posts over 100%: 27, 95, 108, 116, and 321. Post 116 217% great job. 

Presentation of 2021 100% membership streamers to Post 27 Commander John Ellis 27, Post95 Commander Gary Yawn and Post 116 Mike Waters.

Auxiliary President Joanne Seward. o

Post 116 Auxiliary first District Meeting attendance. o Commander Fitzgerald thanked the ladies for all the do. o Auxiliary members are excused from General Membership Meeting.

 Roll Call –  1st District Officers and Appointees: o Commander Dennis Fitzgerald o Senior Vice Commander Mike DiTomasso o Junior Vice Commander Casey Nash o Junior Vice Commander Skip Campbell o Junior Vice Commander Nathaniel Howard, Jr. - Excused o Junior Vice Commander - VACANT o Sergeant @ Arms Tommy Pierce - Excused o ALR Director Charlotte Fordham o SAL Commander Hennen - Excused

o Adjutant Rich Noel o Finance Officer Paige Arthur - Excused o Service Officer Richard Claxton o Chaplain James Putney o Historian/POW/MIA Dennis Fitzgerald o Judge Advocate Doug Andrews o Public Relations Casey Nash o Boy Scouts Jim Vejar – Excused o Boys State/Oratorical James Putney  Posts present: Post 27: Present - 1 Post 36: Present - 0 Post 60: Present – 1 Post 90: Present - 1 Post 95: Present – 2 Post 103: Present - 2 Post 108: Present – 0 Post 116: Present - 1 Post 135: Present – 4 Post 154: Present - 6 Post 164: Present – 0 Post 168: Present - 2 Post 184: Present – 8 Post 209: Present – 2 Post 321: Present – 2 Post 322 Present - 0 Post 500: Present - 5

# 1st District: Posts present - 13 Legionnaires present - 40

Minutes. February 6, 2021 Meeting: Adjutant announced Minutes as emailed to all Posts. No corrections or adjustments - minutes are approved as emailed. 

FINANCIAL REPORT. Commander Fitzgerald provided Paige Arthur’s finance report:  Starting balance is $2,814.45 Membership reimbursement and Expenses provides an ending balance of $6,039.45. Enclosure 3  Submit all expenses and ask not to hold checks.  Financial report motion to accept and seconded.

DISTRICT SENIOR VICE REPORT, Mike DiTomasso: American Legion, Department of Georgia,

Working with JV Nathaniel Howard we conducted a VSO education program for local schools. Invited High School JROTC cadre, teachers, and students. Explained what Veterans Service Organizations do for veterans but more importantly the community.  We will do this again at the School JROTC meeting July 7, 2021. 


Commander Fitzgerald 1st District needs someone to fill the Junior Vice vacancy. 

Skip Campbell – working with Posts. Visited 7 high schools and presented JROTC awards at 2 high schools. 

Casey Nash o April Military Child event at high school. o Now has 3 new posts due to JV vacancy. o Will visit all posts. 

Nathaniel Howard Jr. No report 


Richard Claxton  Service officer training will be scheduled.  Dawn Thomas is the new Service Officer for Department of Georgia.  Ensure your SO know to contact me if need assistance.  Blood Drives. Continue to collect units of blood. Report all Posts who are conducting Blood Drives.  Ensure members are aware of CHAMPVA program. (29:00) 


James Putney.  Boys State. 4 candidates have been submitted to DOG. June 13-19, 2021 location is Gordon State College, Barnesville, GA Still identifying candidates. $250 per candidate. o SV DiTomasso volunteered to drive to Gordon State College o Boys State Orientation at Post 135 Saturday 5/8/2021 12:30.  Oratorical. 1st District competitor went to DOG competition.

Constitution and Bylaws. Commander Fitzgerald submit update to DOG for approval. All need to be updated for gender language. DOG still has not completed their C&B.

Christmas Dinner. JV Nash 1st District Christmas Party will be hosted at Post 184. We are talking with Texas Roadhouse to assist with meal. We need members on our committee. Please, volunteer to assist. 


Motion to Suspend Business to conduct the election. Moved and seconded. No discussion call for question – unanimous. 

Commander Fitzgerald introduced Adjutant Noel to conduct 2021-2022 elections. Nomination Chair Scott excused from this convention.  Reviewed rules for election per 1st District Bylaws: each Post has 5 votes plus 1 vote for every 25 members and majority fraction of 25.  This nomination proceeding is for 1st District Commander, Senior Vice Commander, and 4 Junior Vice Commanders.  Current nominees: o Commander - Dennis Fitzgerald and Mike DiTomasso o Senior Vice Commander – Donald Hall and Casey Nash. o Junior Vice Commander – Charles ‘Skip’ Campbell, Ray ‘Jim’ Vejar and Walter ‘Scotty’ Scott  Floor nominations and election. o Junior Vice Commander – requests for floor nominations resulted in Donald Hall removing himself from Senior Vice election and accepting nomination to Junior Vice position. Nominations closed.  New Junior Vices are Charles ‘Skip’ Campbell, Don Hall, Ray ‘Jim’ Vejar and Walter ‘Scotty’ Scott. o Senior Vice Commander – there were no floor nominations for this position. Nominations closed.

New Senior Vice Commander Casey Nash. o Commander – there were no floor nominations for this position. Nominations closed.

Commander Fitzgerald and Senior Vice Commander DiTomasso were excused from the meeting room and Posts cast their votes per the matrix at  Commander Fitzgerald retains his position.  Election results congratulate them. o Commander: Dennis Fitzgerald.

Senior Vice Commander: Casey Nash. 

Junior Vice Commanders:  Charles ‘Skip’ Campbell  Don Hall  Ray ‘Jim’ Vejar  Walter ‘Scotty’ Scott 


Commander Fitzgerald. o Membership remains a priority. Concentrate on renewals. Complete data entries. 2021 Membership year is not over. Continue processing memberships. Strive to complete data entries; missing email and telephone denies members information. o Continue learning the new mylegion: personify. Purchase a laptop for Posts to use. Helps recruit younger members. 

June 25-27 DOG Convention. Need every Post to send 2 members. 

Sons of the Legion is doing great. Nationally recognized for membership. o Work to see if we have DOG convention in Savannah next year. 

Next year challenge each to nominate Legionnaire of Year, LEO, EMS and Fire Fighters to DOG.

District officer training class. Need input from District Posts of when to conduct. 

Memorial Day events share activities Savannah, Mighty Eighth Museum. 

Post 321 JV Nash. o Post 321 Female Hygiene Bags donated to Charleston VA Hospital. Consider donating hygiene bags are male oriented. o Use ‘CashOut app’ to allow members to pay for membership. She can assist with setup. 

Adjutant Noel, VAVS o Issues working with Ralph H. Johnston VA Hospital Charleston, SC: correct volunteer hours and transportation issues from our area to appointments. 

Resolution for Patricia Liddell Senior Vice read to meeting. 

Post 500 James Putney consider adopting a school. This allows you to educate them on how VSO can assist: Boys State, Oratorical  Post 184 

Doug Andrews. National Mighty Eighth Museum will have a 5-day Memorial Day Event. Need assistance placing May 25 and removing June 1 26,000 48-star flags in Memorial Garden.  May 25, 2021  May 27 ribbon cutting and opening display.  May 29 reading the names of Mighty Eighth WWII fallen  May 30  information on Spirit of Savannah and WWII bombing tactics for B-17, B-24 and evolution as war progressed.  Honor gold Star Families  May 31 Memorial Day  June 1 removes 26,000 48-star flags. o Mother’s Day May 9 Blood Drive Post 184 steak night poppy sales  

Post 135 working with Post 184 o May 31, 0930 Memorial Day ceremony at Bonaventure Cemetery.American Legion, 

4th Annual Warrior Lift Golf Tournament is rescheduled to June 19, 2021. 

Andre ‘Dre’ Anson, Post 500-member reinforced need for changes to get younger members. Membership cannot limit new member payment by check of cash. Younger members may not join if cannot take digital payments. 

Post 168 John Seward, Post 168 Memorial Day celebration will have full 3ID support. Ceremony starts at 10:00. 

Post 95 Glennville May 8 parade and Memorial Day 0930 ceremony at Veteran Park 1100 Veteran Cemetery. 

Post 321 will be placing flags on gravesites on Saturday, May 29, and attending Post 168 Memorial Day activities on Monday, May 31. 

Service Officer – attached Service officer contact information 

SICKNESS AND HEALTH – keep these families in thoughts and prayers.  Post 90  Post 103 Phil Mendes Navy passed.  Post 135 o Paul Grassey WWII B-24 pilot and local legend passed. o Ed Wexler and Jim Stauffiger fighting cancer.  (1:18:00) Post 154 o Hall Stillings not doing well SAL Commander. Pray for him. o George Walker is doing well. He has become more active in Post. o Lost 6 members since February meeting.  Post 168 lost 4 members  Post 184 lost 6 members  Post 209 Tommy Pierce not doing well keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Feel free to contact him.  Post 321 Paige Arthur had surgery and doing well.  Post 500 4 passed.

Upcoming 1st District Meetings: General Membership Meetings will begin w/registration at 09:30 AM w/ General Membership meeting at 10:00am.  August 7, 2021 – Post 168 Hinesville, GA 

November 6, 2021 – TBD (Post 135 considering) 

February 5, 2022 – Post 321 Smokin’ Pig, 13711 E Oglethorpe Hwy, Midway, GA 31320, Midway, GA 

May 7, 2022 – TBD (Post 90 considering)

Commander Fitzgerald adjourned the meeting w/appropriate ceremony.

Duly compiled: May 10, 2021.

//S// //S// Dennis Fitzgerald RICHARD L. Noel First District, Department First District, Department of Georgia, Commander of Georgia, Adjutant 6 Enclosures AS Enclosures 1, 5 and 6 provided with email