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Let's change the narrative. Instead of talking about the staggering number of daily suicides, BE THE ONE to save ONE veteran. We can end the stigma surrounding mental health with your help!


This past year 2021-22 has been awesome to be a part of Legion Team One, 1st District. As a legionnaire, an Auxiliary member, and a mother of a SAL member,  our District family has grown tremendously in unity, fellowship, and strength. I pray we continue to draw in those members by showing them just how we are in taking care of our veterans, understanding times are changing, knowing generational changes, and leaving the negativity outside of the American Legion Doors. As your District Commander, I strive to bring home to your post the best I can each and every day. Whether it's showing up to volunteer at a food bank line or donating blood, I will try to be there. Remember as leaders, we must work the same as we expect our members to. If you put in the dedication and effort, your hard work will become fruitful. --1st District Commander Casey Nash 



Legion Team One Meeting is 6 August 2022 

@ Post 184 Thunderbolt, GA 


Please Attend at Least Two District meetings during the coming Legion Year. If you are a Post Officer, this is an obligation you assumed when becoming an Officer of your Post.

Casey Nash Commander, 2021 - 2023

Scotty Scott; Senior Vice, 2022 - 2023

Mike DiTomasso, Adjutant, 2022-2023

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